• Services Available:

    (Some are exclusive and some are not, for more details please contact your Event coordinator)

    • Electrical
    • Security/Police
    • Food & Beverage
    • Telephone Internet
    • Booth Cleaning
    • Event Catering
    • Parking


    • 4 Truck Bays with 8’ x 8’ Overhead Doors and Levelers
    • 1 Drive-in Entrance with 14’ x 16’ Overhead Door


    From 500 watt 120 volt to 480 volt 3 phase needs.

    All major electrical requirements can be provided with advanced notice. Floor Load-Exhibit Hall/Registration Foyer-Unlimited. Lighting: H.I.D- Metal Halide Lighting at 40-Foot Candles.

    Water and Drainage

    • Cold water at 35 P.S.I. is provided at the floor level in selected locations.
    • Access to the floor drains is limited to specific locations in the hall. Please refer to floor plans for details.
    • Sprinkler system and a State-of-the–Art B&H Electric Fire Notification System.


    Telephone lines are through Verizon. The Conventional Center has 12 direct lines available for telephones and credit card machines. For local and 800 numbers only. Phone cards are suggested for long distance calls.